Tennis, Netball and MUGA’s


Tennis, Netball and MUGA’s


Over the past couple of years the desire for LED lighting on Tennis Courts has become increasingly popular. Whether you have 1 court or 10 Courts, indoors or out, we can design and install a new solution for you, or if appropriate we can even do a changeover on to your existing system if it is in good order.

The objective when lighting a tennis court is to ensure the player and spectators have good visibility of the ball at all times regardless of its location or speed. Often within residential areas we can work with you and even meet with your neighbours to overcome any concerns that may arise, and help you to gain a successful planning application outcome.

Netball & muga’S

The success of England’s National team and Superleague Netball has prompted a boom in the level of participation in the sports over the past few years. No matter what level you play at, we will work to England Netball’s guidelines to ensure you have the correct level of lighting for a fast paced sport. A lighting design and estimate for your requirements are only a phone call away.

Whether within a sports centre, School or in the middle of a new housing estate we can provide the best design possible to ensure that your facility can be used in to the evenings, and if required help you to generate extra money for rental. We can provide a system that will allow you to have different lighting levels depending on the sport being played and all with a switching mode that suits you best.
‘Welwyn Tennis Club has used the services of Highlights for many years both as installers and for maintenance of our floodlights, which we have on eight courts with differing requirements. Highlights are always attentive and cheerful in our dealings with them and I can thoroughly recommend them within their field of expertise.’
Ian Wearing, Welwyn Tennis Club